Handbook of Relationship Initiation

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Sprecher, S., Wenzel, A., & Harvey, J. H. (Eds.) (2008). Handbook of Relationship Initiation. New York: Psychology Press.

This edited volume brings together top-quality scholars in the field of close relationships to explore the manner in which contemporary theory on close relationships explains relationship initiation. Major sections in the book target relationship initiation processes, diverse contexts that promote relationship initiation, emotional experiences in relationship initiation, challenges in relationship initiation, and cognition in relationship initiation.

Praise for the Handbook of Relationship Initiation

A good handbook organizes the literature, synthesizes lines of inquiry, and sets paths for future investigation—and this is a great handbook. The editors have assembled an all-star case of contributors from diverse disciplines, and they cover all the bases. This is a landmark work from a maturing science. It will be of interest to anyone who cares about how we take our uncertain first steps toward intimate connection with others.

— Rowland Miller, Sam Houston State University, co-author of the best-selling text, Intimate Relationships

The Handbook of Relationship Initiation brings together the work of well-known experts from several disciplines to provide a synthesis of cutting-edge research and theory on the early stages of relationship development. The collection is ground-breaking. It represents and impressive array of both time-honored and innovative topics. This volume is a must-read for researchers, practitioners, and students who are interested in the social, cognitive, and emotional processes involved in two people coming together to form a relationship.

— Anita L. Vangelisti, University of Texas at Austin